Technology-What You Should Know If You Own a Laptop

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Do you have multiple laptops? Thinking of buying a new laptop? Owing multiple laptops can be a hassle, especially if you own different laptop brands. For example, a Sony laptop will require a completely different laptop charger than a Toshiba laptop.

This can create a difficult situation as the cords can often be mixed up and be hard to identify. The end of a laptop charger can easily be damaged by being left in the laptop causing the end to be severely bent when the laptop moves around. To avoid this, you should always remove the charger when transporting the laptop or when the laptop is fully charged.

Universal Laptop Charger

Universal laptop chargers come with many different adapters allowing you to choose one that will fit in perfectly with your laptop. Having many different adapters also allows you to use your universal charger for just about any laptop you own as long as you have a capable adapter. It’s important to make sure your laptop model is capable with the universal laptop charger of your choice. When buying a universal laptop charger it may be a good idea to select the same brand universal laptop charger to ensure that it is capable with your laptop.

Laptops Under 300

Technology has advanced at such a high rate that computers are becoming faster and even more affordable. It is now possible to purchase laptops under 300 that are as powerful as more expensive laptops. The reason these laptops are so affordable is due to mobile based processing technology which easily allows for smaller and more affordable laptops. Laptops under 300 are sometimes referred to as net books or notebooks, and have many features laptops have such as a large hard drive and a webcam. Net books and notebooks are just as powerful as regular laptops, and are perfect to accommodate an on-the-go and always moving lifestyle as net books and notebooks are extremely portable and light-weight.


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The Evolution of 3D Technology: 3D Laptop

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Watching a 3D or IMAX movie is bound to catch your eye now this amazing technology has made its way to personal computers. 3D capable graphic processors like Nvidias 3D vision technology can convert regular 2D movies and games into awe-inspiring 3D.

A 3D laptop has the ability to allow the user to play games and watch movies in 3D with the use of 3D active-shutter glasses. The only downfall to a 3D laptop may be the expensive and bulky 3D glasses which can feel a little awkward or uncomfortable; however, they are certainly a step up from the plastic ones we wear at the movie theatre when watching a 3D or IMAX movie.

The market for 3D based content is limited; however, graphic processors like Nvidias 3D vision technology which can convert standard 2D content into 3D capable content tremendously increase the library for 3D media. If TVs can successfully incorporate 3D technology; so can laptops and computers. 3D capable monitors are also available which can transform most desktop computers in a 3D gaming machine.

Gamers will absolutely love a 3D gaming experience on a computer as it is easily to create an online 3D gaming experience with a 3D laptop. 3D laptop technology will also make the PC a gaming system that can compete with popular game consoles like the Xbox 360 as 3D computer technology can make for a realistic gaming experience.

If you’re looking to purchase a 3D laptop and would rather not have to deal with bulky or expensive 3D glasses you may have to wait awhile. Toshiba and other laptop companies are starting to look into glasses-free 3D laptop technology which can be a complete game changer for 3D technology. A movie or game in 3D is bound to be a more enjoyable and realistic experience; therefore, it is only a matter of time before 3D laptops and 3D monitors become more recognized.


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