Life can be a bit challenging as soon as you reach your senior years. If you are a senior, then you probably would agree with this thought. Once you hit your senior years, you have a lot of requirements in order for you to live comfortably. A few of these requirements are improved living standards, good healthcare, and awareness on the right diet and exercise that you should be getting especially when you hit ages above 70. The difficult part is, even when you achieve those lifestyle requirements, you are still vulnerable to accidents, especially around the home. This is why the quality of life that you are living may come at a price because you need to spend a good amount of money on nurses or assisted living homes just to ensure that you receive the proper health care when you get involved in an accident.


People who are above 65 years old are the ones who are at high risk. Mortality rates are highest on this age. Even the severity of the injuries is highest for people in this age bracket. In fact, it has been found out that almost 50% of the adult population died of accidents that happened at home in 2009. The most common mortality cause for people above 65 years then is slipping and falling. Come to think about it, accidents can easily be avoided if proper health care is given at the golden hour (meaning one hour from the time the individual experienced the accident) as this can increase the possibility of surviving injuries by 30%. How do you achieve this then, if you are living on your own and cannot afford to get a nurse who will keep an eye on you 24/7? The way to achieve this is to get your very own medical alert systems. These medical alert systems have been very helpful for seniors who want to live life independently as these can provide a way to contact medical professionals. When you have a medical alert system, you have either a bracelet or a necklace, depending on your personal preference. This device has a button that you can simply press to ask for medical assistance. This can be very helpful for medical emergencies where dialing a phone has proven to be difficult!


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